Friday, October 29, 2010

Chrissie Miller from Sophomore - Fashion Friday

Chrissie is wearing Sophomore's brilliant "Flowers in the Attic" t-shirt -from the book that i stole from my babysitter to read the "dirty parts" when i was a kid and jeans by Court Jeans
Chrissie, along with Madeline von Froomer is the designer for the label Sophomore. Unapologetically at ease with herself in the world, she has none of the pretensions that you sometimes find in the fashion world. Which makes sense since she's a native new york city girl who began by making t-shirts for herself and her friends. So she wasn't trying to be a fashionista: she just did her own thing and the girls who loved her cool/casual style started following Sophomore. Not unlike how the really cool girl in highschool will inevitably divert a little attention from the Queen Bees without even trying...

You can find Sophomore at Opening Ceremony in Manhattan and Bird in Brooklyn and a bunch of other places as well as online. All the deets are on their site.

If you could live in another era, when would it be and why?
The 1960's in Los Angeles, Laurel Canyon.
I could have hung with Jim Morrison, Graham Parsons and Waylon Jennings!

What’s your favorite movie?
Beaver Trilogy

What is a current obsession?My boyfriend

Do you read fashion magazines?
I really dont. I mostly just check out

Describe your style as a friend wouldI'm a jeans, t-shirt kinda person.

What style/trend (current or past) do you hope is never recycled
Ugg Boots

What style/trend would you like to see come back?High waisted jeans, I'm not into a low waist.

Has the internet changed the fashion industry? How?I think its great that anyone can look at images both old and new. I think it helps people who are interested in fashion learn their history.

Can we find you on twitter?
Yup! @chrissiemiller and @sophomorenyc

Finish this sentence:
I love New York because…I was born here.
Momma always told me…the future!

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