Saturday, April 9, 2011

Graffiti Artist, Nina Sky + a great jacket at G-Shock event

 Last night I went to the opening reception of graffiti artist Craig Costello's installation to celebrate the partnership of his specialty ink brand, Krink with G-Shock. There I met Elizabeth -pictured above- through our mutual friend Becka Diamond. I was utterly enamored with her jacket that she embellished/designed - including the fur pieces– so I had to get a close up.

 The installation was simply paint down the walls but the effect was unexpectedly powerful - it felt kind of 3D and made me think of streamers or beaded curtains that are doorways to somewhere can check it out yourself this Saturday at the former Deitch space at 18 Wooster Street.
I am also a huge fan of New York twins Nina Sky and so I was thrilled they were performing as well. 

 And a final photo of me with Becka Diamond, Elizabeth in the fab jacket + friends. You can hardly tell here but I have a new blue in my hair courtesy of the brilliant colorists at Pimps & PinUps salon - but I'll put another photo up tomorrow!
*all photos without watermark courtesty of Exposure Agency.

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