Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is this look on trend or too much?

Yes readers, another Maxi dress. I told you I'm obsessed... This girl totally caught my eye in this jewel tone blue dress and the fact that she's beautiful didn't hurt either. But when I do *The Paper Bag Trick I'm less convinced that the whole ensemble works. The floor length crocheted jacket, fringe purse and fur on top (not to mention the strange black ponytail shaped thing in the center) makes me think that if she were on America's Next Top Model, Andre Leon Talley would be pulling pieces off and declaring it all "drecktitude" until we could finally see the actual girl in the dress.

*The Paper Bag Trick is the idea of trying on an outfit and putting a paper bag over your head (presumably with eye holes!) to actually assess whether the outfit is really good. The thought behind it is that we're all a little partial to ourselves and so it's hard for us to see the outfit objectively when we see our faces. With other people's photos this is much easier by simply covering their faces but works the same!

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