Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greetings from Madrid

Okay, I'm in Madrid but this photo was taken in New York of a boy from Montreal... Confused yet? Well, I am over here for a few days but haven't taken any photos of the locals yet. And, in case you live on a desert island and are unaware, today Spain played Germany in the World Cup. And won! Sorry Germany, you know I love you but when in Rome...or in this case Madrid... Anyhoo. I am not much of a sports fan other than tennis but how could I not watch the World Cup. So watching it what I was aware of - other than virile boys - was that they were wearing knee highs and shorts. And the typeface on the back of the Germans jerseys spelling out their names. Leave it to the Germans to have a good typeface! So in honor of the World Cup I give you a boy in shorts and knee highs. Is this a real trend? the influence of the World Cup? Or merely a fluke?

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