Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trend alert: Harem pants

I thought Harem pants were just a blip last spring because for the most part I haven't seen them much around the city. And while this is true in New York that is certainly not the case in Madrid where they are everywhere: in all colors and patterns possible. But I never thought I'd see them in denim! You know that a garment has become mainstream when they start making denim versions of it. So between her jeans, the skull on her hat hand her sandals this girl captures to me the more "street" side of Madrid street style. (and yes, I know this blog is about NYC...I'll be back there tomorrow!) But what has been fascinating for me on this brief visit to Madrid is how even with the internet there is a clear difference in sensibility between street style here and in NYC. This is not true of say London, which although it has it's own looks shares a sensibility with New York. I'm guessing it has to do in part with climate because this continues to have the California vibe I picked up on earlier. I'll have to check with friends in SoCal if they agree with this...or my new madrileƑos friends. Did I say that right?!?? (although the N probably isn't in caps? I cut and paste from the comment as I don't know how to add the accent on my keyboard!)

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