Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Suspense Too

I don't know what's with me as of late that I feel compelled to show 2 examples in a row. Maybe because when I'm sorting through photos I start to see the trends after first pointing them out. At any rate this is the second of two photos showing the suspender trend. (and I have a third, but don't worry –I'm moving on) They have a totally different look than the girls in the other photo: kinda Germanic. kinda butch dyke. kinda looking at the camera like "we're being polite but don't consider ourselves fashionistas". But their attention to details says otherwise: the great old shoes that look like they could have been bought at a thrift store or at Atelier, the shirt deliberately buttoned to the top on a ferociously hot day and the insouciance of no makeup except bright red lipstick all say we do give a damn about how we look–just in our own way...and that is the essence of style...

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