Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off Road to produce 'The Jungle Book' collection

DQE, a leading animation, gaming live action entertainment and distribution company, announces that it has entered into a merchandising agreement with Off Road Ltd, a leading footwear manufacturer, to produce a collection based on the animation from DQE's series, 'The Jungle Book'.

Under the terms of the agreement, Off Road Ltd has acquired the rights to manufacture "Jungle Book Footwear" including: indoor slippers, beach slippers, trainers, children shoes, rain boots and snow boots. Off Road Ltd specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling shoes for European brands and markets.

The collection will be designed and manufactured in China, Vietnam and India and marketed by major French shoe retailers with more than 200 retail outlets across France and the Benelux region. In addition to traditional retail outlets, Off Road will also distribute the products by mail order, the Internet, as well as through hypermarket and supermarket chains.

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