Monday, August 16, 2010

Where to go on Fashion's Night Out?

Picture 1
I am aware that this photo won't likely make it to New York Magazine's style blog round up, or any of the other compendiums and publications which ask for photos from Style Defined NYC –which I am more than happy to share! But I do find it tiresome that style blog compendiums all seem to favor the more anemic looking, slightly bored teenagers to showcase. I was recently interviewed as to my style inspirations and cited the Latina girls on the #6 train and NYC club culture –particularly Ladyfag and Kenny Kenny. I also sent photos of the latter. When the interview came out they deleted the whole part about NYC club culture and frankly this pisses me off. So! When thinking of a photo suitable for a posting on (well it meant to be a posting on) Fashion's Night Out I thought this one would be perfect: Alot of glitter and not much else to hide behind but out loud and proud - much like FNO itself!

If you're in NYC I've compiled a list of 15 top places to go. If you have other suggestions please leave them as a comment!

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