Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eighties Original –Something Completely Different

Self Portrait of Kinley circa 1986
My new friend and fan of Style Defined NYC, Kinley, told me one of the reasons he liked SDNYC is because it reminds him of New York "back in the day". Which in his case was the '80s/'90s. I loved his description of how he looked and asked him to send me a photo. He couldn't find one that was properly illustrative but sent me some sketches. I LOVE them. So much so that I'm posting them here to share. This self-portrait of Kinley is sooo perfectly Eighties from the skinny jeans to the broad shoulders worthy of American Gigolo to the INXS hair. Perfect, perfect, perfect. And there are more great sketches below. Thanks, Kinley!

Mary Mcfadden, Gloria Vanderbilt and Edith Head

Paloma Picasso at Home
Paloma Trio
4th of July

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