Monday, November 22, 2010

3 on Bond Street

I saw these 3 on Bond Street. One of my favorite streets in NYC. It's just a few blocks but there's this crazy building on it that I love architecturally plus OAK NYC which is one of my favorite stores...and Bond no. 9 - another favorite where all the perfumes are named after places in New York and Daryl K -where I spent $110 each on 2 pairs of super low rise stretch pants like 12 years ago when super low was relatively new and $110 for a pair of pants seemed outrageous to me. (and then $110 seemed reasonable, now it seems outrageous again–**and nothing at Daryl K comes close to $110 so I don't much shop there anymore) But this isn't about me or Bond Street! Why do I like them? Dunno I just do. I especially love the furry muppet jacket of the girl in the middle.

**I stand corrected. The day after I posted this I received an email from Jovonnie who works at Daryl K that said  I found a few items that you may like that are under $110, such as the Black Shirt Dress which retails for $90, the Leather Shoulder Purse which retails for $75, the Chambray Rolled-Sleeve Shirt which retails for $70, the Tie-Dyed Safari Jacket which retails for $60, and the Leopard Camisole which retails for $50. Hopefully these items will make you want to come back to Daryl K to shop!
So you know I will be stopping by there soon & finding something for my self-portrait not a portrait!

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