Sunday, November 21, 2010

a not-a-self-portrait portrait

So my neighbors moved out and I took advantage of the empty space to take some photos. I'm always a bit at odds when it's a photo of me: should I do what I feel or what makes the most sense for a style blog? Today I'm doing both and will post additional pix later in the week on Pixie Warhol.

Anyways, can we talk a moment about overalls? Which yes I AM wearing here –albeit they are silk and by Diane von Furstenberg– so it's not as though I'm going to be shoveling shit in them! Earlier in the year I noticed a small updip in the number of overalls I was seeing (like from zero to 3 pairs) which kind of makes sense if you think of the staying power that the jumpsuit and onesie have had in recent seasons. Anyhow, I scoffed at this trend and put it up at the top of my "I'll never..." list. But "I'll never" lists have a way of biting you in the ass - or at least mine do. (you know: I'll never be bi, I'll never go out with a girl etc -which is why I never say "I'll never have children" never mind my feelings about the unformed adults dominating popular culture)

This is a long explanation to say that I saw these and had to have them. I get bored of "the little black dress" and wanted something else to wear for those evening affairs that aren't too dressy but are still opportunities to dress up. In this instance I kept it casual with my cashmere knit hat that I wear all the time in my loft because it gets cold in the winter, a men's undershirt and my old school else anita stripper shoes which I have in black and white and for the record they are way more comfortable than my fav Louboutin leopard print platform booties.
'til next week...

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