Sunday, November 14, 2010

a not-a-self-portrait portrait

 So last week I had a wonderful experience that was utterly random. I was walking to go to a meeting in Tribeca and happened to pass the former Deitch gallery on Wooster Street. The outside was silver and a big sign said Levi's PHOTO Workshop. I was curious so I peered in the window and then decided to venture in. I went up to Dan, who I guessed worked there since he was sporting a big denim Levi's apron (I'm perceptive like that!) and he gave me the low down on the place. Until December 15th the gallery has been transformed into a collaborative space for photography. There are large scale printers, studio lights, computers and cameras available to check out. And the best –and most amazing– detail is that it's all FREE. That's right it costs nadazipzilchnothing. It's like a 5-finger-discount without worrying about getting caught. So those of you who whine about how you would live in NYC but everything here is too expensive? Well...I'm just saying this is pretty effing amazing. And it's right here. In New.York.City. 

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